Why we should give everyone free money

I spoke with someone today who told me that the concept of reaching an Utopia was entirely irrelevant. That no matter how far you’d make it; the journey towards it would be most important. Most Utopias are never reached. But we can strive towards making the most of it.

How do -you- define freedom? Do you think you are free?

So anybody who knows me, knows that concepts and questions keep swarming my head for a long time before I make up my mind about a topic.. and sometimes I never make up my mind at all.In this particular case:A while ago, I told people that I work 32 hrs a week. And I was told “pah, 32 hrs? That’s…

Out of Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming. Also against Insomnia.

Mind-Body Independance. The body cannot fall asleep without testing to see if the mind is asleep. Because it would be a major mistake to fall asleep before the mind is. So the body signals the mind to test if it’s still awake. It will send a “roll over” signal. If the mind is asleep, the signal will be negated and…

Food for thought: Illegal Books

Facebook suggests “Mein Kampf” as possible reading material to man who has liked books about the 2nd World War. “Mein Kampf” subconsequentally will not be suggested to people anymore. Further down the rabbithole is the question; should or shouldn’t we censor this sort of “literature”. Of course, I find it a bit crude to suggest “Mein Kampf” as possible interest simply…


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