Out of Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming. Also against Insomnia.

Mind-Body Independance. The body cannot fall asleep without testing to see if the mind is asleep. Because it would be a major mistake to fall asleep before the mind is. So the body signals the mind to test if it’s still awake. It will send a “roll over” signal.

If the mind is asleep, the signal will be negated and the body knows the mind is asleep. You don’t roll over.

If the mind is awake, the signal is received and you roll over.

To enter physical sleep paralysis, you must negate this signal. It can be stressful, because this urge to roll over can be immensely strong. And the less relaxed you are, the harder it gets to the point where it can feel as pain.

Understanding how this works has 2 uses. Battling insomnia or entering sleep paralysis for lucid dreaming. Tossing and turning in bed constantly gives signals to the body that the brain is awake, so you don’t fall asleep. Inducing sleep paralysis for lucid dreaming is tricking the body in thinking the mind is asleep.

Why lucid dreaming? Because of the dream state, out of body experience (OBE) and traversing portals.

Stop, drop and roll. 

  1. Stop: Arms over head and relax as deep as possible. Breathe. This releases tension in the shoulders.
  2. Drop: Drop your arms next to your sides. If you feel the need to roll over, don’t do it. perfectly still. Do not move anything. You are telling your body that it can go sleep.
  3. Roll: When you feel your body is no longer calling for rolling over, it is time to roll to your side and sleep. You sleep easy.

For lucid dreaming, the idea is to escape the last point of 3. Roll; sleep easy. If you follow 1,2,3 (or practice other means) you fall asleep. Trying lucid dreaming before bedtime is hard. This is because your brain chemistry is directed towards falling asleep. However, at dawn this chemistry prepares again for waking up with the help of night. This is when lucid dreaming is easiest. Your body can remain sleeping, but your mind is awake.

Wake up early, stay up, then go back to bed and do stop, drop and roll. 45 minutes should induce lucid dreaming. Which, ultimately, can lead to OBE or Out of Body Experience.


http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/waking-sleep-paralysis.html for more info.



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