Spinning Turkish Coffee with Belly Dance

Before reading on, watch this video: Turkish Coffee Spinning

I’d never heard of this before and google seems have no link between Turkish Coffee , spinning like this or belly dancing but I like what she’s doing regardless. The idea of loosening the wrists and training your coordination by not allowing this cup to break combines dancing and coffee; two of the most enjoyed concepts ever. For granted; I suppose that if you don’t like coffee you can use tea. Or wine. Or hot cocoa during the colder days. And it looks pretty swell too! Through the constant whirling of the cup it simply seems stuck to the plate. Being able to concentrate on doing this to a piece of porcelain plus being able to dance graciously at the same time; I’m going to imagine it takes some time and effort to master that art.

It looks not too difficult to start and if you’re going to start swinging things around and are trying to choose between Poi or something else to beat your head in with, this seems like a good, second best choice. Probably the most harm you can do is break a cup or two whilst you’re getting the hang of gravity or spill your drink, right? Which leaves me to say; I wouldn’t recommend using your best clothes first time trying..

Something to put on the list to try? I think so! For above mentioned reasons but also for having a good excuse to go out and taste a cup of what’s supposedly a coffee-lovers item. 😉


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