Out of Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming. Also against Insomnia.

Mind-Body Independance. The body cannot fall asleep without testing to see if the mind is asleep. Because it would be a major mistake to fall asleep before the mind is. So the body signals the mind to test if it’s still awake. It will send a “roll over” signal.

If the mind is asleep, the signal will be negated and the body knows the mind is asleep. You don’t roll over.

If the mind is awake, the signal is received and you roll over.

To enter physical sleep paralysis, you must negate this signal. It can be stressful, because this urge to roll over can be immensely strong. And the less relaxed you are, the harder it gets to the point where it can feel as pain.

Understanding how this works has 2 uses. Battling insomnia or entering sleep paralysis for lucid dreaming. Tossing and turning in bed constantly gives signals to the body that the brain is awake, so you don’t fall asleep. Inducing sleep paralysis for lucid dreaming is tricking the body in thinking the mind is asleep.

Why lucid dreaming? Because of the dream state, out of body experience (OBE) and traversing portals.

Stop, drop and roll. 

  1. Stop: Arms over head and relax as deep as possible. Breathe. This releases tension in the shoulders.
  2. Drop: Drop your arms next to your sides. If you feel the need to roll over, don’t do it. perfectly still. Do not move anything. You are telling your body that it can go sleep.
  3. Roll: When you feel your body is no longer calling for rolling over, it is time to roll to your side and sleep. You sleep easy.

For lucid dreaming, the idea is to escape the last point of 3. Roll; sleep easy. If you follow 1,2,3 (or practice other means) you fall asleep. Trying lucid dreaming before bedtime is hard. This is because your brain chemistry is directed towards falling asleep. However, at dawn this chemistry prepares again for waking up with the help of night. This is when lucid dreaming is easiest. Your body can remain sleeping, but your mind is awake.

Wake up early, stay up, then go back to bed and do stop, drop and roll. 45 minutes should induce lucid dreaming. Which, ultimately, can lead to OBE or Out of Body Experience.

Ah-hah. for more info.



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I’m a level 2 belly dancer (and what I did so far)

So last year I wrote about dinging my first level of bellydance, and what I’d learned from that. This year I dinged my second level and I’ve learned that much more. I’ve followed more classes at the school I was already studying with but I’ve started following more classes with other people too. Not only am I studying traditional bellydance now, but also Tribal Fusion once per month with Renate from “The Uzumé” (here’s the duo performing at Tribal Fest 2009).

It’s all getting easier and easier. Where as the first year was rough getting all the basics down and figuring out a way to “overwrite” my showdance Butterfly knowledge that I’d been saving up as a child and harnessing as an adult, the second year is was more about flexibility, finding my own spot in bellydance culture and understanding what works for my bodyshape and personality. I have begun community managing my danceschools facebook site, which is a good way of combining 3 passions of mine; culture, dance and social media. And to conclude the second year, I’ll be performing with 4 other girls at a festival on september 8th. For the very first time on a big stage outdoors. It’s been a very long time for me to do something like that but I’m very much looking forward to taking the stage again and showing people what we’ve been working on for months now. I can’t wait to don my feathers, put on the make-up and take the world with confidence and pride.

I’m anxious to see what else will be coming my way. This has been a good year and I’m proud to be a second level belly dancer. Belly dance is awesome.


My friend and me (right) performing as a Tribal Fusion duo.


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Food for thought: Illegal Books

Food for thought: Illegal Books

Facebook suggests “Mein Kampf” as possible reading material to man who has liked books about the 2nd World War. “Mein Kampf” subconsequentally will not be suggested to people anymore. Further down the rabbithole is the question; should or shouldn’t we censor this sort of “literature”. Of course, I find it a bit crude to suggest “Mein Kampf” as possible interest simply based on other likes -but- is it really so strange to think that people may actually appreciate this suggestion? I like the quote “You cannot sedate all the things you hate” which to me seems that it applies to this too.

There’s no problem here. Just a consideration as to how far you’d go to prevent people from feeling discomfort. Should, for instance, this book be available in libraries?

In the Netherlands the suggestion was risen in the 2nd chamber (in 2007) that Mein Kamph should be free available on the market. A small majority of the 2nd chamber disagreed, so you can’t legally get this book in NL. If we disallow this book, why should we have issues with forbidding for instance Qu’ran?

For your amusement; this is the wikipedia list of all banned books known. Mein Kampf is on it too. Surprisingly, wiki states that “The Bible, the Qur’an, and the Torah have all been subjected to censorship and have been banned in various cities and countries.” 

Qu’ran is a book that is written in 2 parts. The first part is the good, loving part. The second part is the bad part. The bad part states that whatever is in the good part, can be forgotten if it helps further the cause of Qu’ran. It litterally is a way of life, a view on how to live as a Muslim, and why Muslims are better than others. It tells Muslims to lie and be violent to others, and serve them with a smile. Watch this for more info and a breakdown: Three things about Islam

If Qu’ran is allowed, then why not Mein Kampf? The Bible not different; there are awful passages and rules in the Bible. What’s the difference? And why is one book worse than the other? Or is it just a persistent hype?

Another quote: “The death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is just a statistic”. It was Stalin who said this. We know how many jews were killed in the Europe World Wars. But who’s keeping tabs on how many are

killed for religion? Is this hurt a measurement for how harshly a book must be banned?

Should we cater to the ones who have the morbid curiosity to read this, or should we protect those who might potentially be hurt by the notion of it? And if we cater, then when? How soon is too soon? And if we protect, then how long? What’s reasonable?

Link to Dutch article

Notice how "Harry Potter, the Goblet of Fire" is banned in the US. Fun facts, huh.

Notice how “Harry Potter, the Goblet of Fire” is banned in the US. Fun facts, huh.


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Night of the Dancing Dead: Official Video Released

Night of the Dancing Dead: Official Video Released

Hi Everyone!

Here’s that video I promised you not too long ago. The choreography is called “Night of the Dancing Dead”. Dancers from Halima Dans en Entertainment, Middle-Eastern Danceschool in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

For Halloween 2012, 3 dancers from Halima Dance and Entertainment were dug up from their graves to dance once again.

Video capture + editing by Bas van den Boom
Gaffer: Loet van Eijndhoven
1st assistent: Mart van den Elsen
@ John Geven Studios (
Dancers from: Middle Eastern Dance School “Halima Dans en Entertainment” (
Music: The Battle for Baghdad – Baghdad Heavy Metal
Dancers: Annemieke, Yvette and Kim


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How to Belly Dance for your Husband – Sonny Lester and his Orchestra.

Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend found this pure gold record on Flickr today that I just couldn’t keep to myself; I have to share this!

Sonny Lester and His Orchestra – “How To Bellydance For Your Husband”

I found only these 2 songs on YouTube, number 4 and 5:

Spotify has the entire album here. Isn’t it just precious?

On a sidenote; not only did the band “Sonny Lester and his Orchestra” know how to bellydance for your husband in the 60′s, they also knew how to perform stripteases for your husband during the 50′s. With the jazzy approach to music from the New York music producer Lester I find it quite an exotic listening to.. Even more so maybe than the average modern belly dance track list.

Maybe in short my opinion could be worded as: Oh-la-la.. ;)



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Review – Hallo-Belly-Ween – The Halloween Belly Dance Party of the Year!

Review – Hallo-Belly-Ween – The Halloween Belly Dance Party of the Year!

Hi everyone,

A while ago I posted how I had gone through auditions and that I made it through twice for 2 separate Halloween dances. The occasion would be the Halloween Belly Dance show that was organized on the 27th of October, 2012.

It was quite an eventful build-up; many Sundays were spent at the dance school where we’d practice our scariest moves. We practiced during the weekdays and in the evenings too, sewed our costumes, prepared our make-up and memorized the music and steps over and over again. Booklets and posters were made, flyers were distributed, guest-lists created, the venue decorated and fingers were cut off to create lovely, sugary bites for the guests.

We do anything to make our guests feel welcome. 

Together with 13 dancers, a couple of teachers, 5 volunteer actors and the plentiful of other volunteers, it could get quite hectic at times! But we made it. And it resulted in an absolutely fantastic show the Saturday before the 31st on October, last week.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an impression of what went on..

We sacrificed a virgin to resurrect the High Priestess to help us bring back Isis

and with that sacrifice, we opened the gates of Hell. Demons danced with veil fans.

Then Lady Justice made a sacrifice for the Greater Good.

The poor virgin who was sacrificed earlier woke up again, only to find out she no longer had a heart. She wasn’t a happy camper..

The place looked absolutely haunted at times!

We had some random zombies roaming about. They seemed pretty pissed off!

There were dolls that haunted us with their porcelain beauty. Who knew dolls could be this creepy?

This psycho went nuts and had to be locked up and sedated again. Yes, that’s a straight-jacket. Turns out that straight-jackets are marvelous props.

We even made a pact with the Devil herself. Her two daughters weren’t very impressed though and made sure the Devil couldn’t do too much harm.

We took the stake from the heart of the Vampire Queen, so she’d rise once again!

All this so we could perform the ritual that would arise Isis, the Mother Goddess, to favour us with another year of fortune and luck

Isis answered our prayers…

…and blessed us with a whirling golden mist.

But of course dancing was just a part of the party. Safiya’s Bazaar was there with gorgeous jewelry, clothing, masks and other belly dance tidbits, and there was the possibility to have your future laid out for you with tarot, or your hands (or feet, or other bodyparts) painted with henna.

There were some wise ladies who could predict your future…

…and people could have their own henna patterns painted

More pictures can be found by clicking this link. Video is unfortunately not yet available due to a high level of touch-up needed. The light was very low and this turned out to be a bit of an issue for the camera. But I will post up a link to YouTube as soon as possible.

Now we’re planning to make it even better, bigger and scarier next year and instead of organizing a party, we’re even considering putting on a genuine theater show! Personally, I’m very much looking forward to that. Can’t wait to be on stage, can’t wait to get zombified again. ;)

So. All in all; good and exciting times ahead for Halima’s Dance and Entertainment.

Until we meet again…


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Making my own dreadlocks!

We’re deeply involved in the proces of creating our costumes for the Halloween Bellydance Show at the moment, and for it we had the idea to add some dreadlocks to our hair. So about a week ago I started scanning the interweb a bit for dreadlocks. I found some on sites like but unfortunately these were all fairly pricey! So I had a look into making them myself. I figured; if other people can make them, so can I, right?

I ordered a set of wool from (this one to be exact) and started reading up on tutorials. Thankfully the same site had a very good, helpful tutorial and I found a couple more via google. Turned out it wasn’t that hard at all, it just took some time!

This is what it looked like to make them:

Now it’s waiting for them to dry so I can try them for the first time… Exciting! :)

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